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14 June 2022

New campaign 'People Like You' launches on World Blood Donor Day

New ad campaign featuring blood donors from across Scotland launches on World Blood Donor Day 2022.

21 January 2022

Covid-19: Advice for donors

LIVE DOCUMENT: Our current advice to donors

From Sunday 4 September, we will include a new question on your donor health check: In the last 28 days have you had sex with anyone who has had Zika virus?

25 August 2016

Bobbi's story

Bobbi was born weighing less than 2lbs and needed 11 blood transfusions over the first 2 years of her life.

A week on from the launch of our #MissingType campaign and we're overwhelmed with all your support.

Huge thanks to everyone taking part in #MissingType. It’s not too late to join in - simply remove the A,B or O from your name or message and link with us on Facebook or Twitter.

The #MissingType campaign - which encourages people and organisations to remove the A, B and O from their name to highlight the need for A, B, AB and O blood donors - is trending across the UK

Dundee’s top tourist attraction, the RRS Discovery, has removed its ‘O’ for the International #MissingType campaign.

Haddington’s Bobbi McBurnie is representing Scotland in a video created especially for the International #MissingType campaign.

Across Scotland, people and organisations are taking part in the International #MissingType campaign, by removing A’s, B’s and O’s from their signage and social media to highlight the need for new A, B, O and AB blood donors.

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Monday 04 July

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

Learn more about blood types