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29 April 2022

Scam text messages

We have become aware of scam text messages that look as if they are from an NHS account, informing people of Omicron exposure.

21 January 2022

Covid-19: Advice for donors

LIVE DOCUMENT: Our current advice to donors

As Covid-19 guidance continues to change, new rules are in place to keep our donor sessions as safe as possible.

Some of our donor centres have different opening hours during May. Find out when your local centre is open.

Find out more about high spec O negative blood, and why it's so special.

From 5th April onwards, we will be entering your health check responses directly onto the computer at health screening. This means the session will become more efficient in the long run – but you may initially notice a bit of a delay.

From April 2022 onwards we’ll be asking about your ethnicity to help match blood profiles to patients more effectively.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service has begun testing to find out whether donors have had Hepatitis B in the past.

Information on when you can give blood after travel outside the UK.

At this time, Ukraine has not requested support for blood supplies.

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Saturday 28 May

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

Learn more about blood types