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Children at session

Children under 14 can come to session if accompanied by a parent, carer or guardian who is not giving blood.

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Current blood stock levels

To be ready to help Scotland’s patients at any time, we aim to stock six days’ worth of each blood type at all times.

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Give plasma

You can now give plasma in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, and Inverness blood donor centres.

Give platelets

Patients across Scotland rely on platelets, including people with cancer and leukaemia .

Blood types

How much do you know about your blood? We aim to have six days supply of each blood group at all times.

Been abroad recently?

If you've visited countries with malaria, dengue fever or other tropical virus risks, you might not be able to donate for a while.

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Are you the type to save a+ life?

Knowing your blood group is important. You can see your blood type on your donor card, or simply ask next time you give blood.

Blood types

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Register for our annual conference, Scotblood.

We hope to welcome 2,231 donors over the Festive period - but so far only 927 people have booked in.

Livingston pilot will draw to a close in Spring 2024. Please keep donating there until this time.

He thanks blood donors for helping him continue his cancer treatment

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Tuesday 27 February

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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