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16 August 2016

#MissingType film star launches Scottish campaign


Haddington’s Bobbi McBurnie, who represents Scotland in a film created for International #MissingType, has launched the Scottish campaign at Glasgow Blood Donor Centre.

14yr old Bobbi, who received blood transfusions for the first two years of her life after she was born weighing less than 2lbs, was just one of the stars of Microsoft's commemorative film. Patients across the world whose lives have been saved by transfusions have thanked blood donors in a moving video, which was created to draw attention to the fact that without A’s, B’s and O’s they would not be here today.

Bobbi says: “I have always known I was born very prematurely, and my mum has told me I was lucky to survive. Now I am 14, I understand that without blood donors I wouldn’t be here.

“I’m proud to represent Scotland in the video, and hope it makes lots of people think about becoming a blood donor.”

Throughout the International #MissingType campaign, companies and organisations worldwide are removing the A’s, B’s and O’s form their signage and social media to highlight the need for more A, B, AB and O blood donors.  More than 20 countries are taking part, including the USA, Japan and Australia.

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