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13 December 2021

Martine thanks the blood donors who helped save her life


Helping publicise Scotland’s Festive blood campaign is Martine Curran, who owns The Silvery Tay chip shop with her husband JP in Dundee. Blood donors helped save her life four years ago when her organs neared failure after giving birth to baby Mara.

Martine says, 'I would just like to say to everybody thank you, thank you so much for taking the time out your day to come and give blood. You can’t imagine how it feels – I’m just so grateful to you all for giving blood and giving me the chance to be here, and spending time with the ones I love.


'You think you’re just going in to have a baby, you’ll go in, go out, it’s all a happy experience. I lost around four litres of blood, the consultant said that it was nearly all the blood in my body.

My husband had to call my mum and dad to tell them they had a granddaughter but their daughter had multiple organ failure and was on a ventilator. Martine Curran

'My organs started to fail and I was put on a ventilator, I was moved from the labour suite to ICU, my dialysis wasn’t working and things weren’t looking good. My husband JP had to call my mum and dad to tell them they had a granddaughter but their daughter was losing all her blood, had multiple organ failure and was on a ventilator.

'When they came to see me it was difficult as I scared my son Reid, who had just turned six. He had asked his dad if all the machines were turning me into a robot and didn’t want to visit anymore. I didn’t want to hold Mara as I felt like she was another person to love and lose.

'I didn’t get to take my baby home, but I eventually got home to her, so thank you. If it wasn’t for donors giving blood, I wouldn’t have had that chance.

Martine and JP with Mara and Reid

'Everyone who was and still is involved in my care has been fantastic with me and my family. I can’t thank everyone enough I feel so blessed to be here and have my amazing family. I honestly don’t know if those wonderful people who give up their time to give blood/platelets know the impact they have had on my being here and for that I will be forever thankful.

  • If you never given blood before or if we’ve not seen you in a while we’d be delighted to give you a warm welcome. You can book your appointment by creating your online donor account at us online, or by phoning 0345 90 90 999 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Monday 04 July

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