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07 April 2021

This one's for you Granda


Forres donor completes epic run in memory of her Grandfather.

On the weekend he would have celebrated his 84th birthday, Jenna decided to do something amazing in memory of her hero, Grandad Allan Rattray.


On Sunday 27th March, 21-year-old Forres blood donor Jenna donned her Give Blood t-shirt throughout a gruelling 24 mile run to encourage others to become donors.  Jenna was accompanied by running buddy Jemma Smith for the last four miles of the run and added, 'Jemma supported me through all of my training and I couldn't have got through it and over the finish line without her.'


Jenna (pictured right) and her running buddy Jemma.

Jenna explains, 'My Granda Allan spent many years as Burghead's local bobby, and was also a dedicated blood donor.  As a result of that dedication, myself, my brother and my mum all followed in his footsteps by becoming blood donors too.'


'I could see Granda giving me a wink or a thumbs up during the run.  He was in my thoughts every step of the way.'

It’s so rewarding and you’ll make a massive difference to someone else out there. Jenna Rattray

'To anyone who hasn't given blood before or who hasn't been along in a while, please just call and get yourself booked in.  It's so rewarding and you'll make a massive difference to someone else out there.'


Jenna, everyone at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service is proud of you - and we're sure your Grandad would be too.


If you've been inspired by Jenna, you can:


  • Register as a blood donor or find out where your nearest donation session is by calling 0345 90 90 999.
  • Alternatively, you can sign in/sign up online.

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