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20 July 2018

Jemma thanks blood donors with a poem.


Jemma McRae is a dance teacher and owner of Academy Street Dance Studio in Aberdeen. Jemma sent in this poem to encourage people to sign up to give blood.

Jemma smiles as she sits receiving her blood transfusion.
Jemma receiving a transfusion at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Jemma said, "I received a blood transfusion because my red blood cell counts were low having caught a skin cellulitis infection whilst going through chemotherapy for secondary breast cancer. I was feeling pretty weak. Delighted to have much more energy after the 4 hour blood transfusion. I’m very grateful to all of the amazing team at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI) and to the donor whose blood I received. Please, please donate blood Xx” 

Jemma's poem

I know lots of you have followed my cancer journey on here over the past four years

It’s been for raising lots of awareness and it’s not been for tears.

It’s kept me positive and helped keep you all updated,

Kept me going, made it easier and less frustrated.


Having ended up in ARI last week with a soft tissue cellulitis infection,

I spent four nights in hospital getting IV penicillin, tablets and injections

The care I received was first class,

From consultants, doctors, nurses, cleaners, cooks and a great view looking down to the sea through the glass.


NHS Aberdeen, where do I start?

An amazing team of medical experts and students all with a great big heart

The care received last week was out of this world,

Everyone, everywhere really had twirled.


So many people been involved I really couldn’t name

Some new faces daily but lots had been the same

What they do in their long shifts is constant and quick

They are caring, considerate and everything runs so slick.


I’d like to thank them for looking after me and for everything behind the scenes,

like the cooks, cleaners and admin staff you do not get to see

Since I was admitted last Monday I must have seen about sixty ladies and at least eight men

And the Friends of Anchor RED army, there were at least ten.


So I was back in again Wednesday for chemo number five

But with energy low, red blood counts low, I really couldn’t jive

They booked me for a blood transfusion to have first of all

Four hours of blood whilst sitting up tall.


I’ve never given blood in my life but I really wish I had

I know lots of people who do it and say it’s not too bad

The supplies I guess run out so the more people give

It helps people and helps people and helps people live.


There’s different types of blood types, some more common than others

But I’d encourage everyone to do it, mothers, sisters and brothers.

I am SO grateful to the donor whose blood I received

Delighted to be feeling much better and very relieved.

Jemma xx


Current blood stock levels across Scotland Friday 17 September

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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