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11 June 2018

Happy Blood Donor Week


This week is Blood Donor Week, an annual celebration to thank the blood donors of Scotland.


From Monday 11 to Friday 15 June 2018 we're asking you to show your support by taking part in the #MissingType campaign.

#MissingType aims to raise awareness of the importance of blood groups, as not every blood type can help every patient: the missing A's, B's and O's signify missing A, B and O blood donors across the country.

NHS National Services Scotland Chief Exec, Colin Sinclair

Joining in is simple. Just download and print out one of our flashcards, fill in your name (or a message of support) missing out the A's, B's and O's, and email us a selfie to

Download a flashcard

For everyone who is giving blood this week, thank you - we would love to hear from you.

Please join in by signing up as a blood donorgiving blood, and sending us your pics.

Happy Blood Donor Week, everyone.

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Friday 17 September

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

Learn more about blood types