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20 September 2023

Celebrating 20 years of the Transfusion Team


Coinciding with the 75th of the NHS, this year we are also celebrating twenty years of the Transfusion Team, formerly known as Better Blood Transfusion (BTT).

Since the launch of the NHS Scotland Better Blood Transfusion (BBT) programme in 2003, there have been significant improvements to transfusion practice in Scotland including optimising patient safety through appropriate use of blood, education initiatives and audit projects.

Due to the improvements made, it has and will enable us as a service to continue to respond to the changing face of healthcare, particularly in blood transfusion. Our multi-disciplinary team remains committed to the guiding principles of appropriate use of blood donations and safety of transfusion for the patient.

Today the Transfusion Team comprises of a number of different colleagues from all over Scotland including a Senior Nurse, Clinical Lead, Transfusion Researcher, Transfusion Education Specialist, Transfusion Practitioners, Transfusion Support Assistants, a Programme Manager and an Office Manager.

The Transfusion Team does this by implementing a strategy based on four key elements:

  • Safety – Working with NHSNSS to ensure clinical transfusion practice is as safe as it can be and aligned to the patient safety agenda.
  • Effectiveness – Promoting accurate, timely and evidence-based transfusion decision making for individual patient care
  • Efficiency – Engaging with Hospital Transfusion Teams to influence the effective management of transfusion resources
  • Quality – Lead and innovate continuous quality improvement in clinical transfusion practice

As well as having a deep-rooted history in its commitment to audit, data and quality improvement, the Transfusion Team has been instrumental in providing educational materials for patients, including:

  • Any risks, benefits and alternatives to transfusion
  • Making informed decisions when consenting
  • Being able to discuss concerns with their healthcare team

All of this work helps to ensure that Scotland’s patients receive the highest level of care.

The Transfusion Team 2023

Thank you to past and present members of the Transfusion Team and to all our colleagues over the years, across SNBTS, NHSS and beyond. Congratulations on reaching this fantastic milestone.

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Friday 08 December

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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