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21 May 2021

Blood battle


Glasgow University Give Blood Society have once again challenged their university sports teams to a Blood Battle.

Glasgow University Blood Battle 2021 is a chance for university societies to compete against each other in an attempt to donate the most pints of blood. There's even a trophy up for grabs - and, of course, some Tunnock's Teacakes. In the past, the Blood Battle has seen up to 200 donations, from 27 different university societies, across Glasgow.

Hollie from Glasgow University Trampoline society told us, 'We absolutely love the Blood Battle and are really passionate about it. Many of our members have had surgeries or sporting injuries and received blood transfusions before, so it only feels right to give back. I feel that if I expect a blood transfusion to be available to me if I ever need it, it's only right that I donate as well. We look forward to the campaign every year.'

I feel that if I expect a blood transfusion to be available to me if I ever need it, it is only right I give blood as well. Hollie, Glasgow University Trampoline society

Competing against the trampoline society is Izzy, from Glasgow University Women's Hockey Society, who recently gave blood at Glasgow Donor Centre.

Izzy says, 'It was a really good experience, the staff were so lovely and helpful. I've wanted to give blood for a while as I have friends who have needed transfusions, so I know how important it is. It was such a good opportunity to be able to do it for the club, and it being a competition definitely motivated us to do it. I would recommend doing it for sure.'

Glasgow University Women's Hockey Society giving blood at Glasgow Donor Centre

Rachel, this year's Glasgow University Give Blood President, told us more about what they do.

'The Society was founded five years ago by a group of students who wanted to make giving blood more accessible to students. Students are often a demographic of people who are willing to give blood, but those moving to a new city for university may not know how to go about it. By encouraging students to give blood, this is likely to create a new population of blood donors for life.'

University of Glasgow Give Blood Society President Rachel (right)

Rachel's top tips for first time donors:

Check the 'Can I give blood' quiz before booking an appointment to avoid disappointment.

  • If you have any questions of concerns call 0345 90 90 999, the lovely team will chat you through everything.
  • On the day of your appointment it's important to make sure you're feeling well, drink plenty of water, and had something to eat prior to your donation.
  • The most important thing to bear in mind is that your donation can save or improve up to three lives. So it really is worth it.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a big impact on all university students and their societies, so SNBTS is incredibly grateful for everyone who has supported Glasgow University's Give Blood Society by taking part in this years' Blood Battle. We look forward to finding out who the winner is - although you are all winners to us.

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