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04 July 2024

Ayrshire donors - look out for Alex's banner!


A kind-hearted farmer has put on a barnstorming display to make sure everyone gives blood this summer.

Alex Melville has upgraded his giant Give Blood banner at his farm near Girvan in Ayrshire.

It will be seen by the thousands of A77 motorists on their way to the Stranraer ferry terminal.

Alex – who has donated nearly 80 pints of blood - proudly showed off the banner at Ardwell Farm with wife Sarah, kids Chloe and Jack, and wee dog Fran.

He said: 'My old banner was pretty faded so when I was contacted to give blood I said we should have a new one. I usually donate in Girvan whenever I receive my cards, I'm an O Negative.

'It's a very worthwhile cause. I started giving blood when my neighbour's wife urgently needed lots of blood after giving birth. My neighbour said he was going to start donating and I thought I would do the same.

'Our farm is on the Southern Upland Fault which is a geological area of many different fossils and rocks. All the students come here in the spring.

'We've been donating for years, and it's something we believe strongly in. I've given nearly 80 pints. The new banner really brightens up the lambing shed and hopefully encourages more folks to donate.'

Our last community donor session in Girvan on sixth June saw 83 people attend, including Alex.

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Saturday 13 July

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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