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17 November 2020

30 for 30 - Donor gives back on her birthday.


Radiographer Claire had a novel idea for celebrating her 30th birthday this year, by encouraging over 30 people to sign up to give blood.

Claire Easton, who works at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary usually gives blood with her colleagues at Aberdeen Donor Centre. She told us what inspired her to try and get so many people to sign up. 

'I’ve always liked to book group sessions to encourage people to go along. This started as every time at work when I would say I was giving blood there were always people who said they wanted to give blood but were scared to go alone or never knew when to go or make appointment.'

'When Covid-19 started I didn’t book my usual session as I wasn’t sure what would be happening with social distancing and groups. However, once things started to get back to normal I decided I wanted to get another session booked.'

'I contacted Aberdeen Donor Recruitment and Publicity Officer Kimberley Petrie and mentioned that it was my 30th birthday in October and I was keen to encourage others to donate. My initial goal was to encourage 10 people and this would mean we could help to save or improve the lives of 30 people.'

'However, with enough sharing on social media and encouragement, before I knew it I had over 30 willing participants! Some people made appointments for Aberdeen Donor Centre, while others opted for community sessions closer to them. People were also able to take advantage of last minute cancellations.'

Claire encouraged over 30 people to sign up to give blood as part of her 30th birthday.

'I always think people find it too easy to make an excuse not to give blood, either they’re too busy or they’re scared but it’s literally an hour out of your day, there are multiple times, days and locations. Also, the quick quiz on the website shows easily if it’s likely you will be able to give blood or not.'

My initial goal was to encourage 10 people and this would mean we could help to save or improve the lives of 30 people. Claire Easton

Kimberley Petrie, Donor Recruitment Officer, SNBTS said 'The number of people who signed up to give blood as part of Claire's birthday blood drive was quite amazing. We can use three components from each blood donation, red cells, platelets and plasma. This means by giving blood, each donation can save or improve the lives of up to three different patients in Scotland. Through their donations, Claire, her family, friends and colleagues have managed to help save or improve the lives of roughly 90 patients in Scotland. We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to donate and of course, wish Claire a very happy birthday.'

If you feel inspired after reading Claire's story you can:

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