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22 December 2017

Wolfe's story


Emily from Glasgow shares why blood donors mean so much to her, after her son Wolfe received several transfusions.

"My son was born last year at 27 weeks gestation weighing 1lb 15oz (870g) and received five blood transfusions within his first two months of life.  Four of those transfusions came from one single donor from one single blood donation. Just 20mls on donated blood saved my boy’s life when he was only a few days old. That’s just over a spoonful.

Wolfe as a tiny premature baby in an incubator, with tubes attached to him.
Wolfe as a baby
Just 20mls of blood saved Wolfe’s life when he was only a few days old. That’s just over a spoonful. Emily

"He was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 153 days and was exactly five months old when he came home. Most babies born early need a wee top up at least once to get them through their NICU journey. I'm very grateful to the people that got my son through his.

Wolfe as a toddler plays with toys.
Wolfe today

"Wolfe is now a very happy 18 month old but the effects of prematurity can last a long time. Wolfe spends a lot of time in hospital and chest infections hit him particularly hard, especially at this time of year. He needed another blood transfusion on a recent stay in the paediatric intensive care unit. I’m sharing my story because I think it's so important that people understand what giving blood actually means for the people that receive it and their families. In fact, Wolfe’s dad and I gave our own #FestiveDonations on Tuesday."

Thank you Emily, Daniel and Wolfe. We hope you both have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year.

  • Have you given your #FestiveDonation yet? Visit or call 0345 90 90 999 to find your nearest location.

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