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01 December 2017

Tracey and Cupar's story


In December 2012 Tracey had to have multiple blood transfusions when she was in labour with her son Cupar. She lost so much blood, they couldn’t get her placenta out and she ended up being rushed to theatre.

Tracey continues, "Then, two and a half years later, I took Cupar to the doctors because he was just really pale and was getting too many bruises. We found out that day that he had leukaemia. We were rushed from our home in Creswell up to Glasgow kid’s hospital to find out that he had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Cupar is still in treatment which will finish next year. He has had about 8 units of blood and several platelets.

Two year old Cupar, who has a tube coming out his nose, smiles and cuddles a bear.
Cupar's treatment will finish next year.
If it wasn’t for these amazing people giving blood, my son and I wouldn’t be here Tracey

"He’s doing really well, started school in the summer and is doing brilliant coping with everything. Cupar has a friend from nursery called Logan. Logan’s dad gives blood all the time and last Christmas Logan’s mummy gave blood for the first time. She told us it was Cupar who inspired her to go and try and do it and now she goes all the time.

"Cupar received lots of blood and platelets and if it wasn’t for these amazing people giving blood, my son and I wouldn’t be here."

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