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15 December 2017

Ruth's story


After two difficult labours, Ruth from Edinburgh makes a plea for those who can to give blood.

"I never quite got around to giving blood. Somehow it slipped off my to do list. It wasn’t all that important… or so I thought.

"How wrong could I have been? In 2008 my son was born. The pregnancy was easy but the birth not so. He was healthy and well but I lost a lot of blood. Three and a half litres. I had to receive both blood and plasma and it certainly saved my life.

"Two years later and a very different birth, this time our daughter yet for different reasons again I lost a lot of blood. Four litres this time. I had a second set of transfusions and made another full recovery.

Ruth, her husband, her son and her daughter in a selfie outside Murrayfield stadium
Ruth and family
I am only here because of those many kind people who gave up an hour to donate their blood Ruth, Edinburgh

"I’m totally gutted I left it too late to donate myself but after my transfusions, my husband has been giving blood ever since. It started as a 'birthday present' on my son’s first birthday. I am only here today because of those many kind people who gave up an hour to donate their blood and we are very, very grateful.

"Giving blood really is saving a life and you can do it any day. I’m a maths teacher in a secondary school so I make sure my pupils know when the opportunity to give blood comes along and encourage as many as are able to do so. In fact a minibus with staff and pupils went to Edinburgh Donor Centre last Wednesday to give blood.”

Thank you Ruth for allowing us to tell your story to our blood and platelet donors this Christmas.

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