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22 December 2017

Rhiannon's story


This Christmas Eve, Rhiannon from Musselburgh would like to say thanks to blood donors for the transfusions she received after giving birth to her son.

'I was 40+ 2 weeks pregnant when I was induced, however I was over-contracting so I went to Simpson's Maternity Unit in Edinburgh. They tried to slow down my labour but my contractions were too fast and I wasn’t dilating due to them giving me an injection to slow down labour. I ended up with an epidural on the Saturday and my waters burst twice.

Pregnant Rhiannon lies on a hospital bed after receiving lifesaving blood donations
Rhiannon before giving birth

'I had a horrific 30 hour labour but luckily I was drugged up for most of it. I was pushing but unfortunately my wee boy became distressed and I ended up with a forceps delivery where they cut me and I also ended up with a third degree perineal tear. This meant I lost a lot of blood. I didn’t see my son until he was three hours old. I didn’t get to hold him straight away because I was quickly rushed to theatre where I was stitched up and received a blood transfusion. I’m not entirely sure how much blood I received but it was O+ blood.

Rhiannon sits in living room with one year old Ollie on her knee. Both wear jeans and matching t-shirts.
Rhiannon and baby Ollie

'Without that transfusion I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have been here to watch my son grow up. I wouldn’t have seen his first Christmas, his first birthday or any of his first words. He would have grown up without his mother, and my boyfriend would have lost me and been raising a child and managing his business himself. My family and I are very grateful to the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

'I have to admit blood transfusions are something I wasn’t all too aware of before it happened to me. It’s just one of those things you never expect to need or ever happen to you or your loved ones. It certainly was scary but everything is amazing now,  I have watched my son grow up into the cheeky little character he is , seen his first birthday his first Christmas last year, bought our first family home a year ago, returned to my work and gained a promotion.

'I’m unable to give blood now after my transfusion but hopefully this really helps people understand how important giving blood is. Thanks to blood donors, I’m going to be spending my second Christmas with Ollie.'

Thank you Rhiannon, Ollie and family for sharing your story, and to every one who has shared their stories over the last 24 days. We hope you have enjoyed reading them, and we are immensely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to give their #FestiveDonation this December. Because of you, our hospital are well stocked this Christmas.

  • If you haven't managed to give your #FestiveDonation there's still time to help us ring in the bells. Visit to find your nearest session.

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