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20 December 2017

Katie's story


Katie from Kinloss needed five litres of blood to save her life after a rare pregnancy complication.

"I wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for all the selfless acts of kindness of blood donors."

"My 20 week scan was a day I will never forget. We were told that we were having a boy and everything was perfect with our baby. Unfortunately my joy was short-lived.  I was asked to wait to see my consultant as there were complications with my own health. I was diagnosed with a condition which I had never heard of before, placenta percreta. This meant the placenta had grown completely through my uterus and had invaded my bladder and cervix. They then gave me the terrifying news that I had around 40% chance of survival.

Katie looking very ill in a hospital bed, breathing through a mask, and attached to tubes.
Katie needed five litres of blood after a massive post natal haemhorrage

"I was admitted into hospital at 27 weeks pregnant and stayed there for seven weeks to give my son the best chance of survival. When I reached the 34th week of pregnancy, my son was delivered early by vertical incision, to try and save my life. Unfortunately soon after my beautiful son Lucas was born, I began to haemorrhage badly and lost all of the blood in my body.  I received five litres of blood and had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy and bladder reconstruction. I woke up hours later in intensive care with tubes everywhere, but despite the odds I managed to stay alive.

Katie looking healthy and well, dressed up for a night out
Katie today

"Lucas is now two years old and is doing so well. My road to recovery has been difficult and I am still receiving treatment as a result of my experience. I recently had more surgery to get my bowel fixed and have more reconstruction work on my abdomen. 

"I was a blood donor previously, and I didn't realise just how much giving blood can change someone else's life. You gave my children their mum; my husband his partner in crime; and me the gift of life. Thank you."

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