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06 December 2017

Charmian's story


Charmian from Inverness explains why she's grateful to everyone who gives blood.

"On 16th March 2013, I relied on blood donors and the excellent team at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness to save my life. I had a fairly straightforward pregnancy and had a natural birth when delivering my son Angus. Unfortunately during the delivery, an internal tear caused me to bleed heavily and I was whisked away to be treated. In total I was given 11 pints of blood. I learned afterwards I very nearly needed a hysterectomy, but thankfully this was avoided.

Charmian and young son Angus pose for a selfie
Charmian and Angus now

"I am so grateful to those 11 people who took the time to give blood. Thank you for saving my life and allowing me to be a mum to my son."

Thank you so much to Charmian for sharing her story with us. A very merry Christmas to you and all the family.

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