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18 December 2017

Andy's story


Kevin thanks the blood donors who made blood transfusions possible for his son Andy.

"On 13 July 1999, my son was born in Orkney, 15 weeks premature and weighing just 1lb 15oz. A neonatal specialist team was flown in to provide specialist assistance and equipment, and six hours later he arrived at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Neonatal Unit. Over the coming days and weeks he received six blood transfusions.

Andy as a 1lb 15oz premature baby in hospital.  He has tubes coming out of him and his nappy is far too big.
Andy at two days old

"He spent five months in the neonatal unit before being allowed to go home, a week before Christmas. Andy recently turned 18 years old.

18 year old Andy, smiling and healthy, dressed in a suit for prom.
Andy is 18 today - happy birthday, Andy!

"I first gave blood in Aberdeen, while Andy was in hospital. Being from Orkney can make it difficult to give blood because there are no opportunities to donate here. However I try to give blood when I can whenever I'm on the mainland, usually in Glasgow. I’d liked to have donated more over the past 18 years - my next will only be my 25th.

"I’m sharing Andy’s story today because it was the 18th December 1999 that he made it home - 18 years ago today."

Thank you Kevin and Andy. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you both.

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