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12 December 2016

Why I became a blood donor – Susan’s story


A committed blood donor for many years, Susan is now also registered as a bone marrow donor – for a very personal reason.

“I became as blood donor as soon as I could at 16 – my Mum had always given blood, and took us along with her each time, so I was familiar with the process, plus I knew I had a rare blood type (A-) so it was important to keep up national supplies.

“Having celebrated my ‘big’ birthday this year, I have therefore been a blood donor for 24 years. I had a bit of time off through having my two children so my husband stepped in and gave blood while I couldn’t. I achieved my 25th donation this summer so was very chuffed to get my badge. It such a worthwhile thing to do, only takes about half an hour every few months, and is something I would recommend to anyone who can do it.

I gave some blood samples and prepared to do my bit to help save someone’s life. Susan Evans

“I am also registered to be a bone marrow donor. The lady who made my wedding dress (many years ago now) had suffered from leukaemia when she was younger, so to show my gratitude for my gorgeous dress, I joined the bone marrow register. It was the least I could do. So far I have only been contacted once in 14 years as a potential donor. I gave some further blood samples and prepared myself to do my bit to help save someone’s life. However, on this occasion they had multiple matches for the patient and my bone marrow was not required, but hopefully one day I can be the chosen one to help someone in need. I would again recommend this to anyone who can – it really is no hassle, and you might just be the person who matches with someone very ill who needs your help.

 “Christmas is a time to think of others, so I appeal to you to go give blood if you can and put your name forward for the bone marrow register. You never know – you could be giving the best gift of all this Christmas – saving someone’s life.”

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Saturday 24 July

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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