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03 December 2019

Merry Christmas from Little Lion Man


Last year we met 'Little Lion Man' Iain Norrie for the first time, as his mum thanked blood donors for saving his life. This year he wanted to say thank you himself.

Mum Nicola says, 'Our son Iain has Kabuki syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. This means many things, but one of the most important issues is the impact it has on Iain's heart.'

Iain plays football outside in the garden.
Iain has learned to walk this year - and immediately started kicking footballs.

'This time two years ago, four year old Iain was fighting to recover after two open heart surgeries within two weeks, needing many blood transfusions during the winter. Without these, it is unlikely Iain would have recovered. In fact, this year he's learned to walk, which was a huge milestone.

Iain sits on Mum Nicola's knee. Both are wearing Give Blood t-shirts.
Iain and Mum Nicola thank blood donors this Christmas

'As Iain continues his fight, it means a lot to us to know blood donors have helped him and will continue to help him if he needs it.' 

Iain’s proud parents, both O+ donors themselves, want to say a huge thank you to each and every blood donor.

Iain smiles as he meets Santa Claus.
Iain meeting Santa last year

'We are unbelievably grateful to all the amazing people who make time to give blood. You have saved our boys life countless times and given us the most precious gift imaginable for which we will be forever grateful.'

Iain is now looking forward to Christmas at home with his big sister Emily and the rest of the family.

  • To register as a blood donor and save a life like Iain’s call 0845 90 90 999, or

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