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12 December 2017

Tracy and Kayleigh's story


Tracy’s daughter Kayleigh needed several transfusions after she suddenly became unwell on a family holiday.

"About nine years ago we were on holiday in Blackpool in a motor home when my 14 year old daughter Kayleigh suddenly starting being violently sick with sky high temperature and a very sore head. She was hallucinating and frothing at the mouth. As we had no form of transport to get her to hospital we had to ask one of our neighbours on the campsite to take us there and by the time we got there she was drifting in and out of consciousness. It was at that time that swine flu was rife so they did tests for that and meningitis and she was put on a drip. Those tests came back negative and she was still having same symptoms so they gave her a plasma transfusion and then another one and slowly she started to improve. She was in hospital for a week and they then diagnosed it as toxic shock syndrome.

Selfie of Kayleigh looking happy and healthy
Kayleigh is now 22
The doctors told me if I hadn’t taken Kayleigh to hospital when I did, she would have died within a couple of hours. Since then I've been more determined than ever to give blood whenever possible. Tracy

"It was very scary. The doctors told me if I hadn’t taken Kayleigh to hospital when I did she would have died within a couple of hours. She was on a drip for four days and received four pints of blood. The hospital discharged her after a week but our holiday was over and we had no where to stay as campsites were fully booked so we returned to Fife. The hospital gave us antibiotics to bring home with us. Kayleigh stayed with my parents on return home as she was still weak and immobile and they lived in a bungalow.

"Kayleigh, who is now 22 years old is now doing well and has built a great career for herself as a business owner and accountant. I was a blood donor before this happened to my daughter but that situation highlighted the importance of giving blood and made me encourage others around me to do the same. Without this my daughter might not be here today. Since then I have been more determined than ever to make sure I donate whenever possible."

Thank you Tracy and Kayleigh for letting us share your story this December.

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