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20 July 2020

What's it like to give Convalescent Plasma?


If you have had Covid-19, you may be able to give Convalescent Plasma - a treatment which has been shown to help some of the very sickest coronavirus patients.

In Scotland, there are two different ways of doing this:

  • by whole blood donation, where the Convalescent Plasma is separated from the red blood cell after the blood has been taken back to the labs, or
  • by plasmapheresis, where the red cells and plasma are separated as you donate, and the red cells returned back to your body.

Dr Mutaz Amin and Dr Morag James are both GPs who contracted Covid-19, but are now giving Convalescent Plasma to help treat others in need. Each of them is donating Convalescent Plasma in a different way - but both agree that it's simple and painless.

Do you think you've had Covid-19?

If you've had the symptoms and had to self-isolate, but have now been symptom free for at least 28 days and would like to donate Convalescent Plasma, we would love to hear from you.

Our Convalescent Plasma live article gives you more information about the process.

If you want to donate Convalescent Plasma, and believe you fit the criteria, it is very important that you telephone us and specifically tell us you want to make a Convalescent Plasma appointment (the online donor account cannot be used).

  • To make a Convalescent Plasma donation, please phone us on 0345 90 90 999 and quote 'Convalescent Plasma Appointment'

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Tuesday 20 October

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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