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09 April 2020

Thank you to Scotland's donors


Huge thanks to Scotland’s blood and platelet donors who have provided an amazing response since Covid-19 restrictions began.

Thanks to donors, all 8 blood groups are well above our normal target levels. You can see Scotland’s daily bloodstock levels here.

There has seen an unprecedented drop of 35% in demand for blood products from Scotland’s hospital as elective surgery is postponed and NHS Scotland focus on dealing with Covid-19.

Blood donation is classed as essential travel. We will only ask those donors whose blood group we particularly need to donate at this time.

We will notify you immediately if we need your blood group the coming days, weeks or months. We will write to you, or text you, asking you to book your appointment to donate.

When you receive an invite to donate please make a special effort to give blood if you can.  

Should you become unwell after booking your appointment it is essential that you either cancel your appointment online or call us on 0345 90 90 999 to cancel. That way we can re-book another donor of the same blood group.

If we are in the fortunate position where stocks of your blood group are very healthy, we will contact you to ask you to donate at another date.

These measures are to help us make the very best use of every donation and ensure that no donor undertakes any unnecessary travel.

On behalf of everyone at SNBTS, we would like to thank all donors who are supporting NHS Scotland at this time.

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Friday 17 September

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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