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02 August 2021

Scotland opens first new blood donor centre in 60 years


Scotland’s first new blood donor centre venue in at least 60 years has opened at The Centre, Livingston - at a crucial point in history for the nation's blood donors.

Recent exceptional weather combined with the easing of pandemic restrictions has led to a dip in group O and A blood donations across the country – and with elective surgeries recommencing across the country, the need for donations is rising.

Livingston Donor Centre, situated in The Centre, aims to bring in 210 donations each week from donors living, shopping and working in the area. Designed to make blood donation easier by placing the facility within a busy shopping centre (with excellent transport links and ample parking) the hope is the venue makes it easier for local people to build giving blood into their regular routines.

Gilbert was our very first donor at Livingston Donor Centre. An O+ donor, it was his 56th donation, and he's happy because the convenience of the new venue should help him reach his 60th sooner.
Senior Charge Nurse Beth with Gina (O+) is making her first donation as a married lady - in fact, she just came back her honeymoon yesterday.
Leona is an O- donor from Whitburn. She gives blood because it means she's able to help people, which is essential - particularly during the current pandemic.
Sarah is down from Inverness to visit her mum - and also managed to give her tenth O- donation.
Staff Gillian and Stacey liking the new premises

Debbie McNaughton, Associate Director Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, says:

'We're delighted to be opening our new venue in Livingston today. It's a fantastic new facility which will play a huge part in saving lives across Scotland in the future.

'This is the very first time we've opened a blood donor centre in a brand new Scottish location since the 1960's – up until now, our donor centres have all been based in our biggest cities - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

'However, no matter where you live, patients in Scotland need you to make an extra special effort to give blood in the coming days.

'The good weather, lockdown easing and the school holidays, mean we really need donors with the blood group O and A – that’s O-, O+, A- and A+ donors in particular.

'Please make a special effort to keep your appointment, and let us know if you need to cancel. If you've never given blood before, or haven't for a while, now is the time to donate.

'The Livingston Donor Centre is currently a pilot, and we plan to be in this venue for six months. we welcome all donor feedback on the blood donor centre, its location, donating hours and your donation experience there.'

  • Please make an appointment to give blood at Livingston Blood Donor Centre. You can book your appointment by creating your online donor account at us online, or by phoning 0345 90 90 999 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Thursday 09 December

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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