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10 December 2018

Festive Donations: Inverness Blood Donor Centre


Lindsay Freck from Inverness started to give blood when he was 19 and has now given more than 40 pints.

'I always knew that giving blood was the right thing to do, so I just did it. It was as simple as that. You just never know when you might need a bit of help yourself.  If you’re able to help someone else right now then you never know, one day, someone else might do the same for you.

Nurse Angela takes blood donation while donor Lindsay relaxes on the bed in the donor centre.
Lindsay Freck, and Donor Carer Angela MacIntyre

He continues, 'I'd say to anyone who has never given blood before to just do it, it’s so easy, it really doesn’t hurt at all. For anyone who hasn’t yet booked their festive donation, again - just get it done. It can make such a massive difference.’

We need to welcome 90 donors through our doors each week during the festive season Gillian Docherty, Senior Charge Nurse

Gillian Docherty, Senior Charge Nurse at Inverness Donor Centre explains, 'Inverness Donor Centre must welcome 90 donors through its doors each week during the festive season to help ensure that the needs of Scotland's' patients are met.  We've had lots of donors calling already to book their festive donation, however we still have lots of appointments remaining that we must fill.

Nurses in uniform from Inverness Donor Centre pose for a photograph in front of a Give Blood sign.
From left to right, Fiona Fraser, Kirsten Mackenzie, Carol Rollo, Senior Charge Nurse Gillian Docherty, and Katie Kynoch

'Please call us to book in and give a gift that's extra special this Christmas. We know that people are busy at this time of year but the demand for blood is always there. If you haven't already called to book your festive donation, please do.' 

  • Find out when you can book in to give blood at Inverness Donor Centre this December
  • To book your appointment call 0345 90 90 99 or get in touch online

Current blood stock levels across Scotland Saturday 20 August

We aim to retain 6 days of stocks at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland.

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