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29 April 2016

Clydebank donor gives 125th donation


David Lennie, of Kilbowie, recently gave his 125th pint of blood at his local community session in Clydebank.

We met David Lennie at his local community session at the Clydebank Playdrome to chat with him about his experience as a lifelong donor with the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

57 year old David has been giving blood regularly for 41 years and last month gave his 125th donation. For many, this may seem like a monumental task but David doesn't see it that way. "It takes half an hour, I nip down, get it done, have a blether and a cup of tea or coffee, then I go back up the road."

It takes half an hour, I nip down, get it done, have a blether and a cup of tea or coffee, then I go back up the road David Lennie

The Clydebank Granddad is keen to encourage others to donate. "I'm always pestering people at my work to come and do it - and some of the guys are like, 'no, I'm scared of needles' - and they're covered in tattoos!"
When asked why people should come along and make the effort to donate he said "It's really easy, and if anyone's worried about it, they shouldn't be - it's completely painless. It only takes me about four minutes to give a pint".

David, who works at BAE Systems as a sheet iron worker, humbly admitted that the main reason he gives blood is simply because it's the right thing to do. "I know a lot of people keep track and like the appeal of the awards but that's not why I do it... I just think 'oh, that's good', when someone tells me how many donations I've given when I come here". For David, there is no emotional backdrop or related story. He just does it knowing he is saving lives of patients in Scotland.

A huge thank you to David and all of our donors who make our life saving and life enhancing treatments possible.

If David has inspired you to come along to your next local community session, simply click "Find Us" at the top of the page and pop in your postcode to find your nearest session.


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