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26 April 2016

Sian and Conan's story


Sian’s son Conan was only two days old when he received a life-saving blood transfusion.

Thirty-seven year old Sian, from Midlothian, said: 'My first pregnancy progressed normally until 25 weeks, when I was rushed into hospital. My son Conan was born 15 weeks prematurely, weighing only 800 grams, on 12 June 2014. His early arrival was a huge shock, but we called him our little fighter and had great hope for his complete recovery.

'When he was only two days old he needed a transfusion due to a haemorrhage in his tiny lungs. Although the blood he received was only a tiny amount we immediately started calling blood transfusions ‘the tonic’ as the improvement in his health was so remarkable. He then needed another transfusion a few weeks later when his oxygen levels dipped again.

'His nickname in the special care baby unit quickly became Conan the Barbarian as we couldn’t believe his strength. Conan had a long road to recovery, but was finally allowed home after 112 days in hospital. He is now fit and healthy, and so very precious to us.'

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