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26 April 2016

Lisa and Harrison's story


Livingston Mum Lisa discovered how important knowing your blood group was when she became pregnant for the third time.

Lisa says, 'During the summer of 2012, I was a proud mum of two boys, Zack and Oscar and delighted to discover I was pregnant again. However, at 16 weeks pregnant I discovered I had developed anti-Kell antibodies to my baby’s blood. It was explained to me that this was extremely serious, and the only way to treat the baby was by an Intrauterine Transfusion - a blood transfusion while in the womb.

'So, on 14 February 2013, when I was 32 weeks pregnant, I was sent immediately to Glasgow Southern General and had my first O negative/Kell negative intrauterine transfusion, which was injected through my stomach directly into my babies cord, a procedure which can trigger pre-term labour. Two weeks later he received his second intrauterine transfusion.

'You can imagine my joy and relief when our third son Harrison was born by caesarean section at 9.53am on the 8th March 2013, weighing an impressive 6 lb 8oz. He was five weeks early and despite having had steroids to help his lungs mature, was still very sick and put on a ventilator. He spent the next two weeks in hospital being monitored, and at two weeks old it was decided he needed a third blood transfusion - a much easier task now he was 'on the outside.'

'I am so happy to be able to thank the blood donors who saved his life. Harrison is now three. He is a happy, wild, determined little boy. Every day he amazes us. He has come on so much after his very shaky start and as a family we couldn't be any more proud.'

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