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26 April 2016

Kevin's story


Type one diabetic since his teens, Kevin had a kidney and pancreas transplant eight years ago.

Kevin's wife Tracey, who lives in Inverness with Kevin and dog Hamish, says, 'Kevin has managed his condition well and has an amazing quality of life thanks to the brilliant organ donation team. However, last summer Kevin hadn't been feeling well and we discovered his body was starting to reject his donor kidney. After a few weeks in Raigmore Hospital, he was transferred to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh to receive specialist treatment, including multiple transfusions to support and stabilise his condition. Four weeks later he was finally home.

'I know how important blood donors are and have given blood myself several times. But since my husband has received his treatment, it has really brought this home on a personal level. We estimate Kevin has received three units of blood, 35 units of plasma and three doses of platelets - 41 life-giving treatments in total.

'This is a personal message of thanks from me, Kevin's family, our dog Hamish and everyone who knows Kevin: thank you a million times over!"

Kevin says, 'Since being diagnosed with diabetes I've had lots of health issues including massive vision loss. As I prepare for this next part of my treatment, I can only thank all donors for making the treatment possible. The care I have had throughout my life, and continue to have, under the NHS is world class. I am extremely grateful to be out of hospital and back home to be with my beloved wife Tracey and my puppy Hamish. To the donors whose blood or platelets I've had - thank you for giving me this chance.'

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