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26 April 2016

David's story


A farm accident meant David needed emergency surgery - and emergency blood transfusions.

“For most of my life I worked in agricultural machinery parts and sales. This was chiefly office based, but the company I worked for had branched out into buying and selling vintage tractors, so one day I got called out to see an old vehicle on a farm.

It’s a crazy thought that there are people out there, who I've never met, that are the reason I’m still here today. David

“While we were there, the owner started up the engine to move it. However, it went into reverse and straight into me, and I got crushed between the tractor and a JCB.

“I only really know what happened next from people telling me because I was unconscious, but I got rushed to hospital, and received transfusions in the ambulance. When we got to the hospital I was given more blood as they performed emergency surgery on my legs.

“It took a long time to be able to walk again – I had to use a wheelchair for a long time, and I had to have more operations on my legs, to put in steel plates.

“When I was able to walk again, I changed careers – I couldn’t face working with machinery any more. I’d always enjoyed canoeing so I was really pleased to get a job as the manager of a kayaking shop.

“However, if it hadn’t been for blood donors, I would have been lucky to have any kind of a job. I’m lucky to be alive. It’s a crazy thought that there are people out there, who I have never met, are the reason I’m still here today.”

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