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How blood saves lives

Within 24 hours of giving your blood, it is processed, tested and available for patient care.

There are many reasons why someone could need a blood transfusion. Here are just a few of them:

  • Fiona's story

    Having received blood after the birth of baby Benjamin last month, mum Fiona is extremely grateful to everyone who gives blood.

  • Jim's story

    Having collapsed at home, Jim was rushed to hospital where he needed emergency surgery.

  • Alex's story

    Alex's life was saved by three intra-uterine transfusions.

  • Grant's story

    Having survived a car crash and receiving multiple transfusions, Grant now plans to walk the West highland Way to help promote the importance of giving blood.

  • Alfie's story

    Alfie was born 14 weeks early and needed blood transfusions to help save his life.

  • Niamh's story

    Now in remission, Niamh and her family are very grateful to all donors who made her treatment possible.

  • Jessica's story

    Thanks to blood donors Jessica celebrated her first birthday in June.

  • Samuel's story

    Samuel received blood transfusions that were vital to his survival.

  • Joel's story

    Joel and his mum Kerry both needed blood to survive.

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