Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics

Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (H&I) services provide support for:

  • Organ donation, and cell, tissue and organ transplantation
    We provide human leucocyte antigens (HLA) testing of deceased organ donors. 
    We also test and assess recipients of HLA typed Cytotoxic T. Lymphocytes (CTLs), which are issued by the Cytotoxic T Cell Therapy Programme. 
    The Islet Cell Programme is supported with donor HLA typing and recipient compatibility testing. Support is also provided as cell therapies are established in SNBTS for patients in Scotland and beyond. 
    Following transplantation of kidneys and pancreases, we interact closely with clinical colleagues to monitor transplant function.
  • Haemapoetic stem cell transplantation
    Haemapoietic progenitor cell transplant (HPCT) donors and recipients are tested at our laboratory.
  • Disease diagnosis/gene polymorphism association
    We offer testing for a number of HLA associated diseases and for other specified conditions where genetic polymorphism testing is of clinical relevance.
  • Transfusion medicine
    We investigate adverse reactions to transfusion and subsequently provide support for provision of compatible transfusion products. 
    Patients dependent on long-term platelet therapy may require HLA compatible platelets and the H&I laboratory support extends beyond HLA typing of apheresis donors to support for issue of compatible platelets.

Through the Caledonian H&I Network - CHAIN, SNBTS H&I laboratories work closely with colleagues in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde H&I laboratory. In addition there is close collaboration with colleagues across the UK especially in Northern Ireland.

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